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The world is facing seemingly insurmountable challenges in the mental health, wellbeing and suicide risk. At Helpnet we are driven by absolute conviction that organisations and individuals at every level can play a significant role in initiating positive change. I am excited to share with you how, through groundbreaking innovation and the application of near real time intelligence we are making very significant difference in the landscape of mental health and suicide ideation.

Helpnet recognises that the reactive approach to issues around mental health and suicide risk must change if we are to see significant community transformation. It has become more and more apparent that this outdated method is cost prohibitive, ineffective and akin to trying to stop the tide with a bucket. Our mission is not just a commitment to increasing awareness of suicide risks and mental health challenges but to also work upstream addressing the underlying contributing factors that are causative in the first place. Helpnet programs are designed to provide invaluable individual and community insights that support more meaningful and informed action. They are designed to empower individuals, organisations, cities and even nations with the knowledge and understanding to recognize vulnerabilities in suicide safety and work towards building a culture that more effectively enhances mental health. By integrating mental health awareness into an unobtrusive online platform, we strive to create an environment where people feel supported and encouraged to seek help when needed.

``We strive to support and enhance individual well-being and global awareness of mental health``

In addition to various global and individual initiatives, Helpnet actively engages in partnerships with businesses, government and nonprofit organisations, leveraging the influence and resources of each sector to drive awareness and change. We believe that through collaboration, we can amplify our impact and reach wider audiences, contributing to the creation of more mentally healthy cultures and communities. Our partners play a crucial role in advancing our mission, enabling us to expand our reach and implement innovation wherever we go.



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People live with a mental health condition

Economic value associated with mental health disorders

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Of death for Australians aged 15 – 44

At Helpnet, we understand the power of data and analytics in shaping effective strategies. Our approach includes ongoing research and analysis to refine our programs and ensure they align with the evolving needs of individuals and the wider community. We are committed to delivering measurable results, enabling our partners to see the positive impact of their involvement in our initiatives. Our data and analytics are near real-time, and include world-leading data sets. Helpnet internally fosters a culture that prioritizes mental health. We aim to inspire other organisations to join us in creating a ripple effect of positive change.

In conclusion, Helpnet stands as a testament to the transformative power of individual and corporate partnership on social issues. Together, we can build a future that focuses on what really matters.


Our Story.


First team members trained in Suicide Intervention


Helpnet oversees operational management of largest youth peer support suicide prevention page in the world


Delivery of prevention framework in 11 school campuses across Australia and Malaysia


Funding obtained and work commences on suicide safety A.I. platform


Michael Findlay joins the team and commences A.I. platform design work


Youth peer support page successful interventions top 98%


Discussions commence with Thomas Joiner of Florida State University for long term research partnership


Live testing begins on A.I. platform


Early version of the A.I. platform delivery embraced by the community in regional Victoria delivery


Enquires received from U.S.A., U.K. and India requesting access to the platform.


2020 regional delivery catchment area critical incidents reduced by 90% and deaths reduced by 100% since 2020


Communications expert Nate Ward joins the team in preparation for global deployment during 2024


Me Aware design superceeds early version A.I. offering higher levels of sophistication and responsiveness for individual users.


Deployments in Suva Fiji, Towong Shire, Individual Digital Launch Globally, Manningham LGA

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