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Artificial Intelligence Programs

Our software programs provide a systems approach to suicide safety and prevention for individuals, organisations and geographic regions.

Helpnet Strategic Framework

A strategic organisational framework ensuring efforts are coordinated, integrated and tailored to the needs of each unique community.

Helpnet Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard ensures large scale optimal suicide safety and risk mitigation can be effectively and easily managed across large regions.

Changing Lives.

Helpnet believes the responsibility for suicide prevention rests with individuals, organisations, professional groups and services across the community and that suicide prevention/intervention/post-vention should be provided in a coordinated, holistic and integrated way according to the needs of the individual and community.

Helpnet is dedicated to creating ‘suicide safer’ environments in all spheres of the communities through education and the implementation of a guiding whole-of-community framework that empowers any type of community to design and implement its own suicide prevention strategy.

Our break-through products

From next generation software systems, through to collaborative aggregation and topical education. Explore more below.

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